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My name is Yvonne Cecile de Vries.


I am a contemporary artist and I also teach at a high school. I have been working at Vitus College since 1990 with great pleasure. The students give me a lot of energy and inspiration to continue with my own work.


I also married Ronald Borg in 1992; my support and strength, my love. read more below.

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my story

Yvonne Cecile de Vries was born in New York in 1961, the middle child between her two brothers Felix John (1960-2020) and Robert Frank (1963). Her father Jack de Vries and mother Albertine Bouwmeester both worked for KLM, first in Amsterdam and in the late 1950s they were posted to Queens in New York. The young family spent a few years in the United States.

After the sudden death of her parents, the three young children were taken into the family of a brother of their father; Herman de Vries. He had just moved to Laren with his family. With her aunt and uncle and two nephews and niece they formed a new family. She grew up with five children on the edge of the forest, in a quiet, green environment.


Nature has been a great source of inspiration for Yvonne since childhood. As a child she played for hours among the trees and created her own fairytale world there. Early in her life she developed an interest in drawing and painting.

After graduating from Laar en Berg secondary school in Laren, Yvonne moved to Amsterdam where she followed the d'Witte Leli teacher training course. Here she obtained her teaching certificate. She then went on to study at the Academy for Visual Education, an annex of the Rietveld Academy (Lutmastraat).


With a painting exhibition she sold her first work to a large insurance company in The Hague. She also sold work during her graduation exhibition. What is special is that a group of 12 women from this art academy still see and inspire each other every year. This group calls itself Lutma '88, after the year they graduated.

In 1992 Yvonne becomes a member of model drawing club Hamdorff in Laren. The works she makes there consist of model and portrait drawings. These works are exhibited annually during the Hamdorff Paas exhibitions. With the exception of the Corona time. She will be a member of the board from 2019 to 2023. In 2022 she was admitted to artists association Laren Blaricum and in spring 2023 to artists association Artes in Bussum.



Drawing teacher/ Art & Design

In 1990 she started her career as a drawing teacher at the Sint Vitus College in Bussum. During this period she meets her current partner with whom she has three children. Two sons and a daughter who are still born after a full-term pregnancy, a deep tragedy that leaves its mark. In addition to her family life and career, Yvonne continues to paint and exhibit.


Teaching gives her energy and keeps her up to date. She enthusiastically returns the energy she receives from the students in her lessons. She teaches all grades; from class 1 to class 6. Because of her, drawing has become an exam subject. Last year she made a strong case for the Art & Design; this is now a new option in pre-university education. Here, the subjects of handicrafts, drawing, music and technique are combined into one new subject. The emphasis is on research, imagination and reporting/presentation.



Nature remains a great inexhaustible source of inspiration. Her free work often originates in reality, and develops towards stylization or abstraction. Yvonne's work is characterized by a recurring loose and playful brushstroke.

Yvonne regularly exhibits, often solo and sometimes together with other artists.  Each time she works out different series based on a theme.


Her current studio is on the Kobaltstraat in Naarden.

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